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Changrui new new "green environmental protection" security door

A series of problems, such as serious industrial pollution, greenhouse effect and resource shortage, have made low-carbon environmental protection the trend of development today. In the traditional security door industry quietly rise "green" agitation. Green environmental protection new products, the most representative when the new concept, streamline arc integral frame safety door. It changes the traditional manufacturing process to realize the production of standard parts and molds for categories of products. The production process is highly automated, and has the advantages of flexible opening, no deformation, no welding spot, no cracking, few fault points and basically no maintenance, which meets the needs of consumers.

Chang ruixin also pioneered the technology of "no solder joint for door frame" in China, which has reduced environmental pollution. The main feature of this technology is that the frame body is connected with bolts in series among the parts, and then tightened with nuts. The inner wall of the door and the outer wall are coated with colored plates, and the inner wall and the outer wall are stitched together.

This technology not only makes the security door more beautiful, the most important is to change the security inside the door, outside the wall using cold plate phosphating and then spray plastic to the environment easy to cause pollution of the status quo. In addition to strengthening the research and development on the door frame, in the safety door internal filling material, changrui security doors also use excellent thermal insulation performance and higher fire level of aluminum silicate, vermiculite, magnesium oxide board, perlite board. At the same time, the PVC foam was changed to no chemical foam treatment, and the safety gate filler was free of smell and radiation.