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New fire - proof door is introduced

Fire prevention security doors raw materials used in high temperature, high pressure, vacuum conditions for the next forming, materials do not contain formaldehyde, secondary processing using thermal transfer technology, free paint, solid wood door factory in the production, use process without any toxic or harmful gases and odor release, is accord with human friendly products of modern interior decoration environmental protection standard.

1. Waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, mildew-proof, moth-proofing, non-deformation: wood-plastic products have the dual characteristics of wood and plastic, so fire and theft prevention doors are applicable to indoor doors, especially to places with large temperature differences, damp, and poor ventilation, such as wet toilets, need to be anticorrosive, mildew-proof, moth-proof storage room, etc.

2. Quick installation structure, time saving and labor saving installation: the package door adopts the fast installation structure introduced from Germany, which is very convenient for door cover installation.

3. Reasonable structure and high strength: the special cavity structure design ensures the ideal internal structure of wood-plastic foam material, and the excellent formula design and reasonable production process guarantee the strength of the product.

4. Product serialization, more colors and strong matching: according to different market demands, we have designed two forms of integral door and welding door. The whole door has dozens of surface design options, welding doors for doors and Windows assembly plant to provide profiles. Wood-plastic material has the processing performance of solid wood, can plane, can saw, can drill, can mill, can stick, also suitable for traditional woodworking processing technology.

The dimensions of the door covers are available in 8 to 10 sizes depending on the width of the wall. The color of suit door provided red woodgrain, oak, yellow sandalwood, shabili, red sandalwood, ivory white, rosewood to wait for to choose.

5. Good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance: the material used for the fire and theft prevention door has even, fine bubble holes and its specially designed cavity structure, ensuring its thermal conductivity is lower than the general plastic material, with good noise reduction performance.

Safety door manufacturer introduces the performance characteristic that says above these are indoor suit door, everybody can need according to oneself and decide to buy what kind of door.